Latin American Cuisine

Of all the food I’ve ever eaten, Latin American cuisine takes the cake.  They don’t even need to take the cake, if you will, because I have gladly given it to them, with my whole heart.  If only I can keep eating more amazing food.

When I think Latin American cuisine, I think Brazil.  There is nothing on this earth like Brazilian food.  I’m sure the experience I had at a Caribbean churrascaria (steak house) was highly Westernized, but I am still remembering those tastes many years later.  The skewers of barbequed meat (lamb, beef, pork, sausage, chicken…), the never-ending supply of fried plantains to cleanse the pallet.  When it was all said and done, coffee and coconut flan to die for.  Are you realizing what I’m trying to say, here?  That you will never in your life experience anything like Latin American cuisine?


I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with Puerto Rican food, as well.  This time it was the rice and yams that stole the show.  Of course there was the barbequed meat (I don’t even know how its possible to cook meat so well), and the plantains, and all of it was dressed with a fried egg.  Absolutely amazing.

Do you want to know the best part?  There is so much more than what I’ve experienced!  Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chili, Paraguay, Cuba, Mexico… and those aren’t even the entire list.  All of these countries have amazing culinary gifts to bestow on the rest of us.  Rice like it came down as manna from heaven.  Empanadas: pillows of flavor and texture.  Some of the best seafood you will have ever had.

The thing I love the most about all of the different cultures on the face of this planet is hands-down the food.  I’ve gone all over the world, and eaten food in over twenty different countries.  Every single moment of every single day I would choose to eat Latin American cuisine until the end of time, if I could.